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Autoclave with SS Flush Mounting-1

Automatic Horizontal Autoclave

Autoclave with SS Flush Mounting-2

Baby Wash Sink with Tray

Basic Floor Mounted Scrub Station

Bed Side Locker

Class B Autocalve

Closed Transfer Trolley

Control Packing Table

CSSD Equipments

Cylindrical Sterilizer (Autoclave)-1

Cylindrical Sterilizer (Autoclave)-2

Deluxe Double Sink with Platform

Double Door Drying Cabinet

Double Sink with Platform

Drying Cabinet

ECG Machine

Electric OT Table

Equipment Placement Table

ETO (Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer)-1

ETO (Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer)-2

Gyne Electric OT Table

Heat Sealing Machine

Hydraulic OT Table

ICU Bed Fully Electric

ICU Bed Manual.jpg

ICU Setup-1

ICU Setup-2

Modular OT-1

Modular OT-2



Monitor Trolley

NICU Equipment

OT LED Lights Double Dome

OT LED Lights Single Dome-2

OT LED Lights Single Dome

Over Bed Trolley

Perforated Box for Sterilization

Perforated Tray for Sterilization-1

Perforated Tray for Sterilization-2

Portable Flash Sterilizer

Rectangular Sterilizer (Autoclave)

Semi Fowler Bed

SS Automatic Bedpan Washer with Rack

SS Bedside Trolley

SS Cabinet With Glass Door

SS Control Packing Table

SS Deluxe Scrub Foot & Elbow Operated-2

SS Deluxe Scrub Foot & Elbow Operated

SS Deluxe Scrub Station

SS Dressing Trolley

SS Emergency Crash Cart Trolley

SS Endoscopy Four Sinks

SS Floor Mounted Rack

SS Flush Mounting Panel

SS Folding Stretcher Trolley

SS Food Trolley

SS Instrument Cupboard

SS Instruments Trolley

SS Interlocking Pass Box

SS IV Stand

SS IVF Work Table

SS Lead Apron Stand

SS Locker For Doctor

SS Mayo's Trolley

SS Medicine Trolley

SS OT Doors-2

SS OT Doors

SS Pigeon Rack Unit

SS Revolving Stool

SS Storage Cabinet Unit

SS Swab Count Holder

SS Transfer Trolley

SS Wall Mounted Rack

SS Work Table with Drawers

SS Work Table with Shelf

Stretcher Trolley

Ultra Sonic Cleaner

Vertical Autoclave

Washer Disinfector (Instrument Washer)

Wiremesh Tray for Linen Sterilization